About Us

Temple of Promise Churchis a young, vibrant, and holistic ministry, which was birthed on  March 1st, 2005. Because of the illustrious leaders of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ, (COOLJC) Organization, we are a church rich in Apostolic history that stands firmly on the principles of  the Apostles'  Doctrine where we believe in the baptism in Jesus' name and having the Upper Room Experience (Acts 2:4)  

We affirm the Word of God to be the final authority on all spiritual matters. We believe the New Testament Church, described in the Book of Acts, is God's model and pattern for every church. We are striving to be that kind of church.

Temple of Promise Churchis spiritually, and most importantly, a group of people whose lives have been transformed by the grace of God.  While we are still far from being perfect, we seek to help each other live their lives according to the truth that God has given us in His Word.  In so doing, it is our deepest desire to fulfill our ultimate purpose - bringing glory to God, by winning souls for His kingdom.


In our Worship, and in our Praise God is always first. We believe in allowing the spirit of the Lord to have His way. Our church, our members are instruments in which God uses for His resolve. Our worship services to free people and moves them into the presence of the Lord.

We are a ministry where the Anointing and the Spirit of God freely reigns.  At Temple of Promise Church, you can meet and experience God in an intimate and powerful way. The members stand together on a common cause of serving and glorifying God. To this we commit to live for Him, to grow and mature in our faith in Him and to uphold and nurture each other with respect, trust and love just as Christ have loved the Church.

With the enabling power of the Holy Spirit, we will endeavor to labor together in Christ's vineyard. We will help each other discover and develop our God-given gifts and use them to bring people to Christ and into the membership of this HIS Local Body.

We are often amazed at how God's presence moves here; nothing about our services is boring or monotonous. It isn't unusual for people to experience miracles of healing, deliverance, restoration and renewal. Temple of Promise is a church that is led by the Holy Ghost You will get a great, edifying, and encouraging preached Word. Our bible study, Sunday school and Sunday morning worship services are very powerful and there is always something new to increase your knowledge in the word of God.

The Temple of Promise Church is a ministry designed to provide leadership, ministerial covering and fellowship to all desiring to enhance their walk with Christ. We believe in working together to grow the kingdom of God through love and support of the whole man. It is our desire and prayer that you are blessed and strengthened by the Holy Spirit and if you are looking for a church home, we would be honored to receive you as a new member of the T.O.P family.